Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things you might want to know...

Ashley, over at Little Miss Momma is so inspirational to me because she is so honest with her thoughts and feelings and everytime I read something I realize I am not alone in my everyday feelings.  She did a posting called:  Things You Should Know If We Are Gonna Be BFFs and I loved it!  I loved that she put it all out there and loved learning more about her.  It was my inspiration behind this post...get ready because you are going to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know. 
I met my husband online--yikes right?  The first phone convo we had was literally 12 hours long!
My Husband and I

I am sort of a Leather and Coach Purse snob...I know I'm one of "those" people but I can't help it.

I try to see the Good in everyone and I do mean everyone.

I was voted Best Dressed and Best Sense of Humor my senior year of High School...oh if they only knew that now my favorite outfit is pajamas.

You would be just as likely to see me wear clothes from Target as a Designer Label--I love all things fashion.

My sister is adopted from El Salvador and is the reason I want to adopt someday--She is {amazing}!

My Sister and I

My husband is Indian but get ready--not from India.  What?  He is from NYC and his parents grew up in South America.  Cuhrazy

I have LOTS of Social Phobias which always surprises people because I'm a talker and very outgoing but deep down I fret over having to be in a social situation outside of my comfort zone.

I have been to many hair stylists but my mom still gives me the best haircuts
I have lost ALOT of weight over the years--and I've gained alot too.  I have kept it off for awhile but I fear it will creep back on.  Don't believe me when I say ALOT, check out the photo:
Yep, that's me
I'm always thinking of how I can make something...crafts, food etc.

I love the beach--not the ocean

I L♥ve to Cook!  I mean I really really love to cook and bake.

I am obsessed with Jewelry...the good stuff and the fun pieces you can buy almost anywhere.

I hate to cry in front of others...I feel like it shows a weakness in me.

I worry everyday about failing

I love my son so much it can bring me to tears!

My son and I

Sometimes I hate being a Mom.

I am a little crazy over celebrity gossip.  Love it but feel bad for them at the same time because they have no privacy.

I judge myself very Harshly.

I hate it and feel inspired when I'm told I'm just like my mom.
My Mom

Pretzels are my weakness

Have an amazing Cheesecake recipe that I don't share

I can't stand Hair...hence my short hair right?  I can't stand it on my body or head--weird, I know.

I shave my legs every single day--remember I hate hair.

I can't draw to save my life.

I love my dog almost as much as I love my son.
Maggie ♥

I wonder if I'm a good mom...

I love my friends but I don't keep in touch.

I believe everyone should feel special on their birthday!

I want more children.

I always laugh at people falling down or running into something before I ask if they are ok...I know I'm terrible so I give you permission to judge me.

I want to be the best at everything I do.

I hate exercise!

I am very close to my parents and sister! 

I sleep with a Puffalump from when I was a kid...when am I going to grow up?

My son carries an old tshirt of mine as his security blanket.

I love gadgets and technology.

Talented and successful people both inspire me and intimidate me.

I don't sleep through the night.

I try to read at least one book per week.

I love my {freckles}

See my freckles?  I wish they were as plentiful as when I was a kid.

I hate getting dirty!

I run the vaccum everyday.

I'm a MAC Cosmetics snob especially the eyeshadow!
MAC Cosmetics

I love lip gloss and lipstick

I'm a people pleaser.

I can't wear cheap shoes...I know I'm so annoying

I'm always stressing about something

I love Peanut Butter anything, even straight from the jar.

I don't have a college degree (and I regret that I didn't finish everyday)

I can't wear cheap sunglasses--not because I don't want to but they make me nauseous (at least that is how I justify my expensive glasses)

I love Real Housewives of New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Orange County and any other city they will add in the future.

I am passionate about my business, family, life and love.

{There are many of you that blog and might want to think about doing your own list.  It is freeing to put it all out there.}

Leave me a message if you enjoyed learning more about me or if you've done your own list.


  1. LOVE THIS!!! LOL! I had a Puffalump too! I don't sleep with it anymore, but my husband keeps a giant E.T. stuffed toy right by the bed (it's at least 2 ft. tall) Awesome post! :)

  2. Hey Spartan, I love , love , love it! Great blog and I may "borrow" this idea in the future. Keep being you because that's who we love!

  3. I LOVE the housewives too!!!! Great post!

  4. I Love you, sweetheart!!!! But you KNOW that! You are an amazing friend, sister, daughter, wife and mother!!!! Don't ever forget it! You have been a rock to me and I will always treasure our friendship! Keep doin what you're doing!

  5. Adore this post! I don't have children yet but I love my doggies as much as I imagine loving a child too! Right there with you on the MAC obsession as well. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Thank you to everyone for all the super supportive and nice comments. It can be hard to share your secrets but this was fun amd in a way it was freeing. Just like therapy. Haha

  7. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and I just love your honesty in this post--how liberating this must have been! Great job girl--you ROCK!

  8. What a great post!!! Love your blog and had to click the tab to see this... I'm very different from you in many ways, yet by sharing yourself you make me feel so much more alike (I'm always stressed and in overdrive)! I'm sure I'd be very blessed to have you as a friend, even if I hate the Housewives, fashion, makeup and technology - I looooove PB and my family n pets. You look awesome w/short hair (and loove your freckles)! EnJoY YOU!

  9. I did this too! I am sooo with you on the whole Coach thing. LOL And wow! Your weight loss is such an inspiration! {Currently trying to loose weight the "right" way and not be on a crash diet.}

  10. Came upon this post through the 'you might also like' below one of your other posts...and I love it! So great to get to know you better :) I still have a Puffalump from when I was younger, they are so cuddly! I might have to do a post like this sometime! Thanks, you rock Lindy!


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