Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baked Ziti

There are so many ways to make Baked Ziti.  There is a restaurant that we go to that I think has the best ziti I've ever had and I always try to mimic it at home and I've gotten pretty close by using a variety of seasonings and ricotta cheese.  Yummy!

Boil one box of rigatoni noodles
Add ricotta cheese (as much or as little as you'd like) 
Add 1 to 1 1/2 jars of tomato sauce.  I usually use Ragu Traditional
and about 1/2 a jar of Ragu Mushroom 
Mix all together until creamy. 
This is when I add my spices: Chopped Garlic or Garlic Powder,
Italian seasoning, salt, basil, etc.  Any spice you'd like to add in.  Just don't
add too much that it overpowers the ziti. 
Now, add mozzerella cheese--yummy.  Add as much as you and your
family like.  We like alot of gooey cheese so I add most of a 2 cup bag and then add
some Parmesean Cheese (fresh or powdered) 
Put in a casserole that is oven safe 
Top with the remaining cheese from your 2 cup bag
Bake on 350 for about 30 minutes until warm and bubbly.

The best part about Ziti is that you can add anything to it and it only makes it better.  I love veggies in it but my husband and son prefer it plain or with ground beef or ground sausage.  I am not much of a meat eater so it works out for us to just do a cheesy ziti. 

Leave a comment and tell me how do you make it?

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