Monday, September 27, 2010

Honey Crisp Apples

 Honeycrisp Apples are at Fresh Market!! 
I always know fall has officially arrived when Fresh Market puts out their banner announcing the arrival of the Honeycrisp Apples.  They are the BEST apples ever.  Pricey but worth every penny.  They are also HUGE!  The average is about 4 inches around and they weigh almost a pound a piece.  Right now they are $2.98 a pound and I spent $8.00 on 3 apples yesterday so that gives you an idea of their weigth and of their expense. 
When getting ready to post this I decided to look up the Honeycrisp Apple and found that it was developed in Minnesota pretty much by mistake at the University of Minnesota.  It was released in 1991 so still a fairly new apple to the market.  In May 2006 the Honeycrisp Apple became the state fruit of Minnesota.
*Info came from Wikipedia

Some interesting but useless facts I suppose but I love knowing the history of things. 

If you have a Fresh Market around you rush out and buy one or two apples to try them.  Other stores will have Honeycrisp now and then but I've never had any as good as what Fresh Market sells.

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