Monday, September 16, 2013

. . . Tagg Pet Tracker Genius . . .

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Anyone that knows me well knows that my dog is my baby.  The running joke in our house is that I love Maggie more than my son.  That is only true on occasion but I do love my dog.  

When I had the opportunity to try this new product by Tagg Pet Tracker I jumped at the chance.  I am terrified of losing my Maggie Girl and this is a way to keep track of her as well as all the other great benefits of the device.  

Maggie is a rescue dog so before she came to us she was allowed to run free on her owners property but with us she can't do that.  We have had her get away from us a couple times and thank goodness we were eventually able to get her back but the time she was gone was just torture for us because of not knowing where she went.  The worst is when she has gotten loose and doesn't respond in any way to us calling her and she moves so fast we can't catch up to her so we just have to keep guessing where she might go.  No MORE of that guessing game now that we have Tagg Pet Tracker.  You have no idea how much peace of mind this little device has given us.

This little baby was so simple to activate and to use.  It was just minutes and we were up and running.  Nothing short of awesome in our opinion.  

 The device comes in a small box with everything you need to get started.  The instructions are super simple to follow and it just takes a couple minutes to get registered and set up. 

This is everything you need to get started and it won't take long to be up and running.  The tracker is meant to be worn at all times--even while swimming.  We have been taking ours off at night and putting it on the charging base so it's fully charged first thing in the morning.  We just snap it on her before we walk her in the morning and then she has it on all day until bedtime.

 There is a neat little clasp that you add to your dog's collar and then the device just snaps into it when you have it fully charged. 

 The clasp is easy to put on the existing collar and then the tracker just snaps in and you are ready to track your baby, I mean dog.

The Tagg Pet Tracker charging base is small and doesn't take up much room and also looks pretty cool in our opinion.

 We are all loving this device and the mobile application we have on our phones.  The app is one of my favorite things because you can check it all the time to see where your dog is and how much activity they are getting. It will also show you how full the battery is on your device so you won't ever have it go dead.

  My son and husband love walking Maggie out of our set home area just to see how well the device works and it works perfectly.  We can be walking her and within seconds of leaving her "home" area I get a notice and then I can pull up her exact location on the app.  It gives the exact address and then you even have the option to get directions to that address.  Every three minutes after she leaves her home area I get an update on her location.  How cool is that!?

 The app also tells you how much activity your dog is getting.  We think it is so cool to be able to track her activity throughout the day.  I work from home so I'm usually aware of her activity during the day but I still love checking it to see what it says.  She is a lazy girl so mostly she is resting but she loves getting out and walking and going to the dog park so on those days her activity level goes up.  For people that need to get their dog a lot of exercise each day this would be very handy to make sure you are getting the required amount.

 We always put Maggie on a leash in the backyard but one time I came out to get her and she was gone and the leash was broken.  It was a terrible feeling to not have any idea how long she had been loose and I so wish we would have had the Tagg Tracker back then.  I have never let her out in the backyard without constantly watching her since that day but now I feel so much more relaxed knowing that is she did get free again at least I would have a way to find her quickly.

 As you can see the device is small and doesn't seem to bother her at all.  The tracker also is very lightweight so again it doesn't get in her way for feel like it is weighing her down.

 The battery life is awesome too which makes me happy because if she did get free and I had to track her at least I know it will track her for quite awhile before the battery will die.  It is still important to keep it charged which is why we do it every night.

 We were with my sister and her husband this past weekend and we were talking about the Tagg Pet Tracker with them so they could get one for their dog and I said notice that my dog is GPS trackable but not my son. I'm ready to get one of these for him too so I will always know where he is.  Not a bad idea. 

 We all love checking the mobile app but my son is obsessed with it.  He just loves seeing how much activity she gets everyday and where she is at any time.

 We love the map feature.  It is so cool!

It is your lucky day because Tagg Pet Tracker is offering readers a 10% Discount on the tracker itself and three months of service.  Use Coupon code:  TAGG10  The device and three months of free service is normally $99.00 so grab yours today while you have the coupon code.

A few words from the company:
The Tagg™ tracks your pet via GPS allowing you to track your pet’s location and activity from your computer or mobile device. You can see where your dog is or monitor his activity levels 24/7. The lightweight pet tracker attaches to your dog's existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming.
Tagg Location Tracking puts you in control of finding your pet. Unlike a microchip, which won’t alert you if your pet is lost, Tagg is a GPS pet tracker that sends you a text and email when your pet gets out so you can find him NOW.
With Activity Tracking, you can monitor your pet’s activity levels and spot long-term trends. Did you know that veterinarians recommend that dogs get 30-60 minutes of daily exercise? Tagg allows you to find out if your dog is getting enough, so you can be proactive about his health.
** Recommended for dogs 10 lbs or more

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