Thursday, June 27, 2013

. . . Lamp into a Garden Ornarment with All You Magazine . . .

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It seems like it has been forever since I have posted a DIY project and thanks to All You Magazine I have a fantastic project to show you!  I'm in Ohio visiting family so this turned into a group project and now everyone wants a set or two of these Garden Ornaments.

I have been a reader of All You for a long time now so when I had the opportunity to do a post inspired by something from their magazine I jumped at the chance.  Some of my favorite recipes and projects have come from their amazingly easy ideas featured on the pages of their publication.  They always have wonderful photos and great step by step instructions which is really nice.

I  always pick up an issue when I'm out and about and this month I was excited to see the All You Magazine at the checkout at my Target Store!!  Yay!  It makes it super easy to throw it in the cart while you wait in line.  The best part is that they have a coupon in it for another issue and then Target printed off a coupon for me for an issue as well so it basically paid for itself.  The coupons in the magazine will make your day for sure even if you aren't a regular coupon clipper! 
July 2013 Issue of All You Magazine
This Month I was flipping through the pages of All You thinking about a DIY project and when I saw an old lamp redone as a garden ornament I went bonkers.  I rushed to Goodwill and found the most perfect set of lamps and got a drapery rod with finials on the ends that could be taken apart and had less than $10.00 in it.  That is one thing I love about their magazine--it's a great resource for making things on a budget.  I went to the store and grabbed a few bottles of spray paint and I was in business.

. . . Garden Ornament
This lamp was beyond perfect because each of the two had big weights in the bottom so I didn't have to worry about weighting it to sit outside.  I also loved that they were only $3.00 each and they almost have a Greek look to them and look like they were made for the garden. 

All You Magazine gave great instructions on how to do this step by step too but I included how I did mine as well.

• I started with taking the lamps apart so that the individual pieces could be painted but if you didn't want two colors you could just paint it in one piece after you've removed the electrical parts.  Sorry I didn't have a photo of that process but it was super easy. 
• Then I divided my pieces up so they could be two colors.
• I used Rust-Oleum textured spray paint for some of the pieces and Krylon Ivy Leaf for the other parts 
Be sure to let the pieces dry well
 • I painted all the gold pieces green first 
• I then coated the metal ivory pieces with the textured paint and let them dry well and then put the lamp all back together.  If you have a lamp like this be sure to take a photo of how it looked before because it would have been pretty tricky putting all the pieces back together without a photo.

. . . Love it!

 . . . Pretty!

. . . Fun Makeover!
Be sure to head over to\value to receive a money saving coupon and to find your nearest store to purchase the magazine!  You will love it!


  1. I love this project. I want a silver set for Christmas decorations inside or out. I am heading to Goodwill on a mission for the perfect lamps.

  2. Very clever idea...will definitely remember this!

    Have a great weekend :-)

  3. I too went crazy when I saw this project in All you... love this magazine... as soon as I saw the project I too had to do one! Yours turned out great!

  4. Super cute!! I just got a coupon for the magazine. Can't wait to get it. Great project!!


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