Tuesday, June 4, 2013

. . . A "Berry" Sweet Teacher Gift . . .

In our family we make homemade strawberry shortcakes the minute strawberries start being readily available.  They are an old fashioned biscuit type cake and they are so yummy!  

This year I ordered some berry baskets and made a big batch of the shortcakes and filled each basket with 2 cakes and some berries and then wrapped them up in cello bags and tied a cute tag on the outside.  Easy gift to give and something each teacher and principal can enjoy for a snack.

. . . berry sweet . . .

 Each berry basket is filled with strawberries and 2 shortcakes and wrapped in a cello bag and tied with baker's twine and a cute tag.  Easy Peasy!

. . . yummy . . .

. . . berry goodness . . .


  1. Cute idea! Loving the color scheme and strawberry theme!

  2. Do you remember where you ordered the cellophane bags from? I am looking to do this idea for a friend's wedding and am having the hardest time finding bags big enough to fit the berry basket!

  3. @Laura I actually use cellophane bags for my stationery business so that is what these are from. I usually order from Packaging Source or Uline. These bags are 15 inches tall if that helps. You might check ebay or etsy??? I am sorry I am not a lot of help. If you have a packaging store near you they might have bags large enough. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  4. Thanks! Do you have a link to the site where you bought your cute colored baskets? What size are they? Our baskets are pint-sized natural wood color, but we love yours!

  5. Thanks! We love the color of your baskets - do you remember where you ordered them, and what size they are?


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