Wednesday, October 31, 2012

. . . Halloween Boo Bark . . .

Happy Halloween!
If you are a regular reader you know that I love making different combinations of candy Bark.  I have done it for all different occasions and they are always so festive and colorful but the best part is how easy it is!  Makes a great gift and is always well received.  This year I made "Boo Bark" for my son's classmates with a cute treat topper.  It was easy and the kids thought it was great! 

You will need:
White Chocolate Candy Melts
Milk Chocolate or Semi Sweet Chocolate
Candy Eyes

 • Gather your ingredients
• Chop up the Oreo cookies so they are coarsely ground
 • Melt the white chocolate and spread onto a baking sheet.  It doesn't need to be a really thick layer of chocolate so spread it fairly thin
• Melt the milk or semi sweet chocolate and drop a few dallops onto your white chocolate and then swirl with a knife.  Don't over swirl it or you will have a muddled looking bark

 • Working quickly you will start adding your candy sprinkles, Oreos and candy eyes and any other toppings you might want to add
• Press the toppings into the melted chocolate.  You won't have to press too hard but just enough to have it adhere to the chocolate.
• Place Boo Bark in the fridge for several hours until firm then use a table knife to break it up into small pieces.  I have done candy bark as larger pieces too so it just depends on how far you need it to go or what size you prefer.  There isn't a right or a wrong when it comes to this bark.
• You are now ready to bag the Boo Bark for gift giving
 • I printed out enough treat toppers for my son's class and teachers and filled small cellophane bags with the Boo Bark and then stapled the folded treat topper on top of each bag to keep the bark fresh.



  1. Cute!Wish I saw this last week,I'm a very slow Grammie ; )

  2. Denise, I'm sorry that I didn't post this until today--I too am a little slow I guess. We made it over the weekend and I had planned on posting it on Sunday morning but just didn't get to it. Next year I hope you'll remember it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This looks yum - and fairly easy to make too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oooh, this looks delicious. I know the halloween oreos are just regular oreos with orange food coloring but I am totally addicted to them.


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