Thursday, August 25, 2011

. . . Back To School . . .

Well, today was the day I was looking forward to dreading all summer....back to school!  My son was not a happy camper to be heading back even though he was with the same teacher he had last year and most of the same kids from last year.  He is officially a 3rd grader now and I can't believe it because it seems like a year ago he was a baby and now he's a "big boy".  

As you know I made these "Write Teacher For Me" gift tags for the teacher but I wanted to do something cute for the kids too because they deserve a treat on the first day of school.  I loved making the Funfetti Sandwich Cookies so much that I thought they'd make a really cute Back to School treat for my son's classmates.  Judging by the kids that saw them first thing this morning when I dropped him off I'd say they will be a big hit. 

Back to School Treats for the kids and staff

 • This photo was taken literally 2 minutes before we had to run out of the door--can you sense his enthusiasm?
• Every year on the first day of school I draw a heart on Marcus's hand with a Sharpie.  This way when he is nervous he can look at that heart and know I'm thinking of him.
• I don't think he's ever going to outgrow Superheros so of course he had to have a lunch box with them plastered all over it.

"Hope you have a Sweet Year!"

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  1. ha ha ha That face he is has on the couch is literally what I look like every morning when I have to wake up and go to work!

    The heart thing is one of the sweetest things I have heard in a long time! See you are a terrific mom!


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