Wednesday, June 29, 2011

. . . DIY Bandana Flip Flops . . .

With the 4th of July coming up there are lots of cook outs and parties planned so you need something festive to wear, right?  Well, how much cuter can you get than cute Bandana Flip Flops?  This is an inexpensive way to make a plain pair of flip flops really cute!

I purchased a pair of navy blue flip flops from Wal Mart for $1.98 and 3 Bandanas in red, light blut and a navy and red combo.  I cut the hem off of all four edges of the bandana and then cut into the bandana by a little bit and then ripped the fabric into strips.  It's basically just like I did this Rag Wreath.  Then you just start tying knots around the flipflops.  You may want to cut your strips into smaller pieces so they go farther.  I used strips that I cut about 5 inches long.  I had to trim a few of the ends because some were too long once they were tied on the flip flop.

*These will look alot better this weekend when my toes have red polish on them. 
Somehow the hot pink just isn't cutting it.

Tear your bandanas into strips about 5 inches long
Tie them around your flip flop straps.  Keep the fabric tight together for a more fluffy appearance
Continue tying your fabric onto the flip flops until the entire strap is covered or just do a big pom pom at the front of the flop.

You will want to cut any excess strings off the fabric pieces but leave some to add character to the cute shoes you just made.

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  1. love it! i made some of these in the early 90's with those nylon loops you make potholders out of. people looked at me weird. it always takes some time for things to be cool, doesn't it?

    i would love it if you would share it at my tip-toe thru tuesday party (open til friday)

  2. These are so cute! Do they feel funny when you have them on?

  3. ADORABLE, Lindy!!!
    I don't have anything patriotic to post!


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