Monday, April 25, 2011

. . . Fuzzy Yarn Wreath . . .

I recently posted my Yarn Trees and now I am writing about Yarn Wreathes.  These projects with scrap yarns are so simple and look amazing!  I did all the yarn projects at the same time but the wreathes were Easter gifts so I couldn't put them on my blog until today.  You are going to want to drag out all of your yarn and a wreath form and make these beauties!  They all turn out so unique and FUN!  I love making them and for sure will make them again and again for gifts and for my door.

1. Choose the yarns you want and the wreath form size
2.  Cut strands of your yarn.  I found that using several yards at a time was more than enough, otherwise they got so tangled.
3.  Start wrapping the yarn around and around and around your wreath form.  The more yarns you have the farther the length will go.  In each one I have used at least 7 to 8 yarns and some up to 12 strands.
4.  You just keep wrapping the yarn around the form until it's completely covered.
5.  Stick a floral pin in the end and no one will ever see it.  You can get them at the craft stores and I showed them in my Yarn Trees post
6.  This is the wreath with artificial daisies on it
7.  Wrap your yarn around a florist pin and then stick it in your wreath form and start wrapping
8.  Keep wrapping the yarns around the form until you complete it
9.  I cut a thin piece of fleece and stuck it in the form on the back side so it works as a wreath hanger
10.  Now you can hang your wreath from any hook
11.I made fleece flowers with some yarn scraps in the center of each 
12.  Aren't these unique?
13.  This wreath was for my mom and I gathered up a selection of yarns I knew she'd like and cut them in long strands.
14.  Once I was finished wrapping the entire wreath I added the fleece flowers
15.  I used a small juice glass, a votive holder and a tea light holder to create three different sizes of circles
16.  I then laid them out in the color combo I wnated
17.  Put them on the florist pins from smallest to largest
18.  Start placing them on your wreath where you want them.  I just wanted a small cluster of them on the corner of the wreath.
19.  I wanted to add buttons to the center of my flowers so I used E6000 glue and an assortment of buttons
20.  Use a little dab of the adhesive for each button
21.  Place the button in the center of each "flower"
22.  Tada
23.  Really adds a great pop of color with the buttons
24.  This is another wreath with the button centers

25. This is another wreath I made using a different wreath form so it looks thicker.
26.  I added pearl hat pins to the center of each of these fleece flowers
27.  The four I made
28.  I gave these as gifts and they were hugely popular!

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  1. Such a cute wreath! I love that you used yarn with so much texture. Love the look!! :)

  2. THANKS for the tutorial. I'm going to make these wreaths in all sorts of seasonal color waves.

  3. I love this wreath! I'll be trying this as one of my next projects!

  4. So bright & springy! I could see doing this great wreath in different colors all year long :)

  5. I am featuring this on Handmade Features :) I am a little late posting it, but better late then never, right? :) Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. Love how pretty this is. I have some funky yarn like this and I've been meaning to try it on a wreath. Now I know how pretty it'll turn out. :)

    You're more than welcome to link up at the Sunburnt Cow link party.

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