Saturday, April 23, 2011

. . . Paper Easter Eggs . . .

Normally the Bunny hides Easter Eggs that we have colored but this year we didn't get the colored eggs made so I needed something unique for our Egg Hunt.  I had seen several bloggers make Parchment Paper Hearts at Valentine's Day and fill them with candy so early this morning when I was brain storming something unique to use for the Egg Hunt I thought why not make Paper Eggs?  I used clipart from Tracy Ann Digital Art then personalized the eggs with "Happy Easter", "Marcus" or an "M" and then printed one sheet with the personalization and one sheet with just the eggs.  Cut them out and stapled them together leaving a space at the top to add my treats and then finished off stapling with colored staples and we have ourselves a unique twist to the traditional colored eggs.

Create your Easter Eggs out of cardstock.  You can print them like I did or you could just buy patterned stock and cut them out to look like Easter Eggs.

Cut your Eggs out and get ready to staple them together

Staple around the bottom edges first and leave an opening to insert your candy

Add your candy into the space you've left.  I used some chocolate bars, jelly beans, M&Ms, etc.  You could add coins or dollar bills or even a gift card into them as well.

Finish stapling all around the egg so no candy escapes

Aren't they cute?

For the candy that is loose like these mini M&Ms you will need to staple tighter together so they don't fall out any little holes

What kid or even adult wouldn't love having an Easter Egg Hunt with these cuties?

Have Fun!!


  1. great idea, Im off to the store now to get scrapbook paper for these (since I have procrastinated so) Thanks

  2. Great Rebecca! I know they will be a hit and you'll be the only one to know you were procrastinating :)


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