Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Soda Carrier Halloween Treat Basket Revisited

This is a post I did for a previous Halloween season but I loved how it turned out and it made such a great gift so I thought I'd share it again for any of you that didn't see it the first time around.
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I am always trying to think of unique gifts that allow me to get crafty.  I also think that everyone likes to get a gift that you've put some effort into.  This originally started out as a teacher treat idea but we have 5 teachers this year and this was getting pretty pricey to do for 5 different teachers.  I decided that these were going to a few special people that I needed a little something for.  I also decided that I'd do a variation on it for teacher gifts.  

I also love a good printable so this allowed me to create this cute "Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, give me something good to eat" gift tag to share with all of YOU!  You can use this for all different treats and for all different people--coworkers, teachers, your child's classmates, Sunday school teachers, etc.  I am planning on doing the same idea but on a smaller scale for classmates and my son's teachers.  I think I'm going to just package the smaller version in cellophane bags and attach the tag with a cute piece of ribbon or baker's twine.  Easy peasy, don't you think?

You will need:
4 Pack soda carrier 
Spray paint or something to cover your carrier box in
Embellishments such as washi tape, ribbon, stickers, etc.  Most everything you see in my project came from Michael's.
Treat Tag that is available as a FREE download at the bottom of this post
I first filled the inner section of my box with tissue paper so the paint wouldn't get inside and then I covered the handle with tissue as well so that it could be left the orange stripe.

I then used cheap black spray paint and covered the entire box (including the bottom).  I used several light coats and let each dry before applying more because I wasn't sure if the cardboard would wrinkle if it got too wet.  Let the box dry completely.
I removed the soda bottle labels with adhesive remover and then washed them with soap and water to get rid of any residue.  Once they were dry I used this awesome washi tape that came from Michael's.  It's all "drink" related so it was more than perfect for these bottles of soda.  I then added a single sticker to the top of the bottle and I added orange and black baker's twine right around the top of the bottle for an extra pop of color.

I then wrapped the top of the box with a piece of washi tap and added a cute sticker to the handle.  It's not very noticeable with all the treats in it but when they empty it out it looks more finished.  

I then used 3 different patterns of washi tape to wrap around the entire box.  This adds a nice pop of color as well.  The tape may not stick right if your paint isn't completely dry.
I filled my soda carrier with 2 bottles of soda and the 2 empty holes with lots of Halloween candy.  I also didn't like that the sucker label was so bright so I just covered it with a piece of washi tape and it fixed it perfectly!
I added a cute little paper banner by attaching it with glue dots.  This also came from Michael's.  I then printed and cut my treat tags and attached the tag with a cute black and white chevron clothespin.
 This project looks so cute and like it might have taken a lot of time but honestly other than the spray paint and removing the labels from the soda it was done in about 15 minutes at most.
The Trick or Treat Tag was designed by Itsy Bitsy Paper (yours truly).   The little witch feet graphic were provided by Doodles First.

 Lots of great Halloween treats are packed in this little soda carrier.  I was surprised at how much candy it took to fill the holes up.  If you were low on candy just fill the base of each "hole" with tissue paper or paper shreds and then it won't require so much.
 *Update:  This washi tape may not be available anymore since this is a repost from a previous Halloween season.
 This is probably my favorite part of this whole project.  I was so excited when I saw this drink inspired washi tape at Michael's and knew I had to buy it but had no idea what I was going to do with it.  It was the perfect addition to this little project.  I am thinking that for the school teachers I'm going to use plastic bottles of orange soda and relabel them with this tape.  I don't trust my son to carry a bunch of glass into school!
Happy Halloween!
 This little Halloween treat tag just made for the perfect pop of color on the completed Soda Carrier.
The free treat tag printable is for personal use only!  Jut download and print on an 8.5x11 inch sheet of card stock and cut down to size.  Perfect!

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