Friday, January 10, 2014

. . . Crates into Bookshelf . . .

We are in the process of doing a room makeover for our son's room.  We haven't painted his room since it was a nursery and that was 11 years ago so it was time to get it repainted.  He wanted orange and I didn't but we made a compromise and decided to do the walls orange below the chair rail and a pale blue above the chair rail.  We are all very happy with how it turned out and I will be sure to post finished photos of his room soon.  

We have a million and one comics and books and no where great to store them so they have taken over the family room in piles and in baskets and I have had enough of that.  We just ordered new furniture for our family room and decided to straighten it up to get ready for that so I was trying to think of a way to store all these books without doing a boring old book shelf in his room.  I was cruising Michael's to pick up a frame when I saw the unfinished wooden crates and had a brainstorm to paint them and stack them for book storage.  I bought three and ran home and pulled out my white paint and go to work.  

My son couldn't be happier and we are too because we have all his books out of the family room!  The crates ended up serving three purposes which is an even bigger benefit.  They are book storage and an end table and even a charging station for his iPad and Beats Pill.  Love that they worked out so well!  It's always nice when a plan comes together.

You can't beat this super simple project.  You could paint them and line them up under a window if your space is tight.  You could stack them going the opposite direction for larger books and even store lots of other things other than books.  I for sure think you need to do this easy peasy project for your space!

 I think for safety reasons it would be smart to use an "L" bracket on the back of each shelf to hook them all together in case they would fall but honestly with the weight of the books these bad boys don't move at all.  

 So perfect for all his needs--books, charging and an end table all in one spot!

 I was amazed at how many books each of these crates held.  It was amazing how I kept adding and they had enough space.

 DIY Success!

 Love it!


  1. Love this idea. I was looking for some sort of raw wood storage that would match our boys' bedroom sets (their beds and dressers are unfinished--project for someday) instead of the melamine cubes I see everywhere, and these are just perfect. If we stack ours at all, though, they'll have to be anchored to the wall. We have climbers.

    1. Thanks Torie! They have held up great and I've considered using the same idea in other areas of the house because we love them so much in his room. I have been shocked at how sturdy they are with all the stuff in them now but if you have climbers for sure mount them to the wall. If our son had been younger we would have for sure had to mount them because he too was a climber. I hope you enjoy yours!


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