Monday, December 16, 2013

. . . Elf On The Shelf is Back . . .

Every year we all look forward to December 1st because that is when our Elf on the Shelf, Roy, comes back to visit us and create all kinds of mischief.  Our son can't wait to wake up every morning to see what the little elf has done.  Some days are funnier and more creative than others but Roy always gets us giggling over his antics.

This year on December 1st we woke up to a family room full of balloons and streamers and signs that said "Let's Get This Party Started".  We had to wade through balloons all day to get around our family room but it was worth it just to see how incredibly excited our son was.  This one might have been one of his absolute favorites that our elf did.

That Roy is such a little trouble maker but we sure do love him!

 A roomful of balloons...

 Lots of streamers and...

 Let's get this party started signs!  

FUNNY little Elf on the Shelf!

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