Wednesday, October 2, 2013

. . . Picture Frame into a Beautiful Tray . . .

I really don't recall where I first saw this idea but I am sure it was on Pinterest or on a blog so I apologize for not sharing an original source.  Either way it is going to blow your mind!  Ready?  Here we go!

You know those inexpensive acrylic photo frames that you can buy at craft stores like Michael's?  Well I made it into a beautiful clear acrylic tray by turning it upside down and adding drawer pulls with E6000 glue.  Can't get any easier than that!

These would make such pretty gifts and the nice thing is you can do them in different sizes.  I am thinking you could use them for perfumes and lotions, a make up display, a coffee station, using them to serve party food, etc.  The list is endless for ideas.  I like the idea of lining it with pretty scrapbook paper or even a printed pattern with a monogram.  You could also use a vinyl sticker you print or you purchase to decorate it. 

As you can see I filled mine with dry split peas and a couple candles and some pumpkins.  This is perfect for a centerpiece or decoration amongst your other decor.  Whatever you decide to do with it you will love it and you will feel so crafty making it.

•You are going to need an acrylic photo frame in the size of your choice.  These are pretty inexpensive and you can use a coupon at Michael's for them.  I got an 11x14 size knowing I wanted it for a centerpiece and didn't want an 8x10 to be too small for my needs.  This one was just $4 and change with my coupon--can't beat that! 
• A set of drawer pulls of your choice.  I got mine at Target and loved how they were silver with a clear insert so it really looks like it was meant for this clear tray.
• E6000 Glue (the best stuff on earth)
 No one has believed me when I tell them this tray was made from a photo frame flipped upside down.  
 Turn the tray upside down so the open part is face up.  Decide where you want your drawer pulls then adhere them with E6000 glue. 

 To hold mine in place I just stuck a couple clothes pins over the drawer pull ends until they dried completely. 

 Of course I was impatient and couldn't wait to decorate with mine so I filled it up with the peas and pumpkins and candles even though the glue was still wet.  It wasn't going to effect the glue so I figured why not?

 Autumn is here!


Pure genius!


  1. Well that is smart! I made a tray from a regular frame a while back but the drawer pulls are on top and now I look at it and hate it...LOL Your's is so much cuter and practical!


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