Thursday, November 1, 2012

. . . Trick or Treat . . .

Well, another year of trick or treating is behind us and now begins the crazy holiday season!  

We had Robin Hood and a Bumble Bee Pup at our house for trick or treat.  My son had so many costume ideas but went for Robin Hood, which is odd because he's never seen the movie and knows very little about the character.  I think it was the bow and arrow that sold him on it!  Maggie, the bumble bee pup, looked adorable too but she hated her costume.  She got lots of attention during trick or treat so I think that helped her adjust to the costume a little but she was not happy with me for putting her in it.  Lots of fun was had by all.

The Robin Hood and Bumble Bee Puppy

Visiting with Great Grandma and Mimi

 Showing off with his bow and arrow

The Maggie Girl in her Bumble Bee Costume

I hope everyone had a very Happy and Safe Halloween 2012!

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