Saturday, August 11, 2012

. . . Easy Peasy DIY Tray . . .

I recently made a super duper Easy Peasy Tray that was just created out of scraps of plywood.  So simple and an all purpose item.  I love this for serving drinks or just sitting on the table as a decorative item.  Nothing fancy about it but it was fun to create.

As it happens you will see that I no longer have this tray in my possesion because my grandmother found a much better use for it than just serving drinks...

You will need:
A piece of plywood cut to the size you want--make sure you have the pieces for the ends and sides cut as well.  You could do "taller" sides but I wanted this to be pretty shallow
Wood Glue
Finishing nails
Spray paint
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
 • Gather your supplies
• Glue the ends and sides to the base with wood glue and let dry completely
• Once the tray has dried add a few finishing nails to guarantee you have a sturdy tray
 • Sand your entire tray then spray paint in the color of your choice

• Cut your scrapbook paper to fit inside the tray.  I used two sheets of 12x12 and cut them so there was a seam right in the center of the tray.  You barely can see the seam because I matched the pattern
• Coat the entire surface of the tray with Mod Podge
• Glue down your cut sheets of paper and coat with several layers of Mod Podge being sure to smooth out any air bubbles.  I used an old spatula.

 • Once the Mod Podge layers have dried you will want to lightly sand it then coat it with a clear polyurethane spray.  I used the Matte Finish by Krylon


 • Pretty!
After spotting my pretty tray Grandma, my mom and I brainstormed that it might just work for her walker.  It has worked like a charm!  She now has a surface to put things on when she is walking around and working in the kitchen etc.  It has been a lifesaver for her!  We used two screw eyes in the bottom of the tray and looped a tie wrap through those and attached it to the support bar of her walker.  She is one happy camper now!  So glad it worked out like it did! 

Tatertots and Jello


  1. Your tray is fabulous Lindy. You make it looks so easy! I think it is wonderful that your grandmother was able to put it to such immediate use. Bravo!

  2. This turned out so cute! I love the blue and the paper you used.

  3. So I saw this on your FB page and meant to hop over and tell you I loved it! Cute pattern paper you used with it and I just love that your g-ma was able to put it to good use!

  4. Hi, I am an occupational therapist and just have one question for you, as I am trying to create a tray similar to this for one of my patients. How does your grandmother walk inside the walker when she is moving around the kitchen? Does she have any trouble with that? As a therapist, I am always encouraging my patients to step into the walker, but when I tried to fabricate this tray, I found that my patient couldn't do that. Thanks for any information.

  5. @hkbncot Thank you for your comment. Actually she doesn't have any trouble walking with the tray but if someone really needed to be "inside" the walker are then you may not be able to do this. She needs it more for support out ahead of her versus tight against her body so she does not have trouble. Good luck and let me know if I can help any further.


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