Monday, August 27, 2012

. . . Back to School--4th Grade . . .

I can't believe it's the first day of school!  My little guy is not so little anymore and is starting the 4th grade today.   
Wow, where does the time go?
 • • •

Each year I make my guy bag tags for his backpack and lunchbox.  This year I made him "Super Marcus" Bag Tags.  I created the label and then printed them out on a 3.5 x 2 inch rectangular label and then stuck that to a piece of chipboard (cardboard) and then printed a yellow polka dot backing on another label and stuck it to the back side of the chipboard tag.  I then ran this through the laminating machine and punched a hole and used a key ring and a clip to attach it to the bag.  I've used ribbon and rubber cording before but the key rings and hooks are the most durable and let me tell you a 9 year old boy will put them to the test.  I used rings and hooks from a previous year but you can purchase them at the craft store or you might even find these rings and hooks around the house from old key chains. 
 It's super easy for you to make a tag for your kiddos too!

Check out these adorable tags and backpacks made by Twiddler House.  I love the idea of using the wooden blocks for sturdiness.  I told her that I couldn't let my son see her tags because he's all about Lego Batman!  

Easy as can be!

4th Grade!
Growing up so fast...
My guy is a very nervous kid and starting back in kindergarten I drew a heart on his hand to help him through the first day of school.  Each year he asks for it (this year he wanted it to be small so I guess that means he's growing up).  I tell him that when he's feeling scared or nervous just look at his hand and know that mom is thinking of him and he is going to be fine.
Let's hope for a GREAT School Year!


  1. 4Th grade?!!
    Love the heart idea - so sweet!

  2. Thank you Kelly! I can't believe how fast time has gone...

  3. Awe! My daughter started 4th grade this year too. :( Where does the time go!? And also- LEGO Batman rocks!! :) My 2 boys are in love with LEGO and Batman! Hope your son has a great year!

  4. I love this whole post. The tags are great. They would be good for traveling too. I especially love the heart. I have to remember that when I have my children.


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