Saturday, June 2, 2012

. . . Puppy Chow Recipe & Treat Topper . . .

I know you are all probably tired of seeing yet another treat topper from Itsy Bitsy Paper but they are such fun to create and add a pop of color and whimsy to any treat and I love sharing them with you.

Dog Gone Good Treat!
I created this one for my son's classmates and some of the support staff at the school.  I made homemade Puppy Chow but also showed an example of packaging cute Scooby Snacks Bones which may be a little more costly but super fun too!  If I would have just had a couple bags to get ready I think I would have done all Scooby Snacks but since I had 30 snack bags and multiple quart size bags I knew I needed something I could make in a large quantity so I did the Puppy Chow.

If you haven't made Puppy Chow then you are missing out on a delicious sweet snack!  You will have to give it a try.  I've shared the recipe too as an added bonus.

Have Fun!

Puppy Chow Recipe
Gather up your supplies including your print out
Fold your treat topper in half.  Fill your snack size ziploc bag with treats then add your treat topper and staple it to the top of your ziploc.

Puppy Chow:
 Gather ingredients
Melt chocolate chips, butter and peanut butter over low heat
Stir chocolate mixture until smooth

Pour your cereal in a large bowl (I used 24 cups of cereal for this jumbo batch but the recipe is adjusted for 9 cups of cereal)
Pour your melted chocolate mixture over the cereal and mix well so all cereal is coated
Fill a ziploc or paper bag with powdered sugar then add chocolate covered cereal mixture and shake well until all cereal is covered in the powdered sugar

 Store Puppy Chow mix in an airtight container or bag in snack size ziploc bags and add a treat topper telling your friends and family to have a "Dog-Gone" good summer!
These look super cute with the Scooby Snack Treats too!

 Cute and Fun!
Dog artwork is sold at Cocoa Mint

Dog Summer Download 2 Up


  1. Nope, not sick of printable toppers. Puppy Chow sounds delicious and simple to make. I can't wait to try and make some.

  2. I call these Muddy Buddies. Either way they are delicious and hard to resist. Which means, I don't make them very often.


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