Wednesday, March 28, 2012

. . . Rainbow Pancakes . . .

My son has really gotten into the spirit of me having a blog.  He is actually the one that came up with "Cookie Time Tuesday" (probably so he was guaranteed to have cookies in the house at all times).  He is always trying to come up with ideas of things I should blog about.  He also feels really special when his photo makes it into a post. 

He recently came home from school with the idea of making rainbow pancakes and ever since he's been obsessed about me blogging it.  We finally got around to doing it over this past weekend.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and I'm sure many of the kiddos out there would love to make these!
Rainbow Pancakes
My little buddy gearing up for his rainbow pancake debut

 Once you get the mix all combined just divide it up into separate bowls and add your food coloring.  Combine well so the colors blend in completely.  Make pancakes as you normally would.  Don't get them too overdone because they look more brown than colorful.

When making the last batch he decided it was necessary to add sprinkles to them.  He thought that was great fun.


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  1. I love these rainbow pancakes! I adore pancakes for breakfast on a weekend, but I've never thought of making them colourful. Great idea!


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