Saturday, March 3, 2012

. . . Quilting Project . . .

  My grandmother is a very talented seamstress (she would say that is an exaggeration but it isn't).  About a year ago she made me a beautiful quilt that matches my family room which is done in mostly primary colors.  I love and cherish that quilt but I wanted something more "girly" just for me.  For Christmas she gave me and my sister the gift of making a quilt for each of us.  It was so much fun picking out the girly fabrics for each of us!  My sister's quilt is beautiful in grays, pinks, greens, purples  etc.  Mine is a bit more wild and crazy in zebra print and stripes in lime green, red and hot pink.  So much fun!  It isn't quite finished yet but it's turning out so pretty!
 I'm so proud of her work and honored to have one from her that I just had to share.
  Quilting Project
  My sister's quilt
My Grandmother sitting proudly with the finished quilt she made for my sister.  I have no doubt my sister is going to love it!

  My   Quilt
There she is again with my almost finished quilt
isn't it so much fun?


  1. The quilts are beautiful and so is Grandma!

  2. They are gorgeous! I want to learn how to quilt so badly.


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