Saturday, March 24, 2012

. . . Grassy Spring Wreath . . .

I seriously think there needs to be a 12 Step Program for Pinterest "Abusers"--I'd be one of the first in line because I'm totally hooked on Pinning.  So when I saw this amazing new series that several bloggers are doing called Pinspired...Rewired I knew I had to be a part of it.

There are four blogs hosting it and each month there is a new challenge based on your Pinterest Inspiration.  The host blogs are The Gunny Sack, Southern Lovely, Family Ever After and Gingersnap Crafts.  This month was all about Wreathes.  I love making wreathes so this was just the project for me.  

I have had this adorable "Grassy" Wreath by Capture The Details marked as a "must make" wreath but hadn't gotten around to it until now.  I wanted to put my own spin on it so mine is a bit brighter and maybe not as "grassy" looking as hers is but I like how mine turned out.  When I walk by it I just want to smile because of the bright springy colors! 

**Inspiration Wreath from Capture The Details
Pinned to my Get Your Craft On Board
  Grassy Wreath

  You will need:
 Wreath Form
Flower embellishments
Pearl Head Pins or any color pin you so desire
A decorative tag or other embellishment of your choice
Ribbon for hanging
Floral Picks (optional)

• Gather your supplies to make the wreath
• Use your paper punches or scissors to cut out a tag to add a little something extra to the wreath.  I just printed a few "Happy Easter" tags and used my square punch and scallop to create a little tag that I later pinned to the wreath

• Using a floral pick (these are the best thing to have around) wrap your yarn pieces around it and then stick it tightly into the foam wreath form
• Start wrapping the desired amount of yarn around the wreath.  For this wreath I used 5 strands of yarn.
• Wrap the yarn tightly around the entire wreath and secure ends with another floral pick.
• My mom's dog was visiting and is apparently not used to my crafting projects like my dog is so Miss Sadie tangled herself up pretty good in the yarn

• Once the wreath is wrapped entirely then you will want to use your head pins to pin the embellishments to your wreath form.  I started out using pearl pins to pin my daisies but the pearl was a bit too big so I switched to just plain white head pins
• Place your "tag" to the wreath where you want it
• Take a larger piece of ribbon and wrap around the top to make a "hanger" for the wreath.  I added three pearl pins to dress it up a bit and then after taking some photos I added a pink daisy to the center of the wide green ribbon.  You can see that in the photos below

Bright & Fun
Happy Easter!

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  2. Beautiful interpretation of the original wreath, Lindy! I am loving the fun fur instead of moss projects all over Pinterest right now and actually had it on my list for things to pick up at Michael's.

    Your idea to use two colours to wrap your wreath is great because it cuts down on the amount that you will need for both yarns. I think I'm going to try the fun fur topiary balls with daisies.

    Thanks for sharing another lovely :)

    Claire @

    (P.S. you know why I posted this again!)

  3. Your wreath is beautiful and so is Miss Sadie. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi, I'm passing the Versatile Blogger Award onto you. Stop by my blog for details :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Bekah @

  5. I am loving the bright colors and fuzziness!!! So cute! xoxo- Rachel

  6. I opened your post and immediately got a HUGE SMILE! Love this :)

  7. Very pretty and cheerful! I love the colors you chose!
    ~Tonia @ The Gunny Sack

  8. Super cute wreath! Did you wrap the two yarns at the same time or first the pink yarn and then the green yarn? I also love Pinterest, funny how the news is talking about it recently - when we already knew its a great online resource for awhile! Thanks for linking up at Sunday Blog Love, wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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