Saturday, February 25, 2012

. . . A Few Favorites and a Bargain . . .

 I have a few things that are NEW to my "Can't Live Without" list.  They are Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms and this awesome new "scoop" colandar from Sur La Table.  I really believe no one that likes to cook should be without this nifty little tool in their kitchen! 
Then the other day when I was visiting Michael's I found these very pretty black and white damask baskets that were made by Waverly.  The small one was marked $8.99 and the large one was marked $12.99 with 30% off.  Well, my office is done in grey, aqua and black and white damask so how perfect would these be?  I had to buy them!  Well, lucky me, when I got to the register with my pretty baskets they were on major clearance for $2.79 for the large and $1.79 for the small.  When will that every happen again?  Probably never with my luck.

The best kitchen tool yet (well my most recent "best" kitchen tool--something is sure to come along that is a new favorite)
 • • •Scoop Colander by Joseph Joseph at Sur La Table

• • • I am very aware that I do not need to be eating Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms but I just can't resist them for a special treat.  Ok, a DAILY special treat but come on I deserve it right?  They also have these little yummy chocolate candies called M&Ms in Chocolate Raspberry if you are into that kind of flavor.  I'm not but wanted to mention it. 

• • • And now for my fancy schmancy little bargain from Michael's.  These Waverly black and white damask baskets were a great find at just $2.79 and $1.79 each!  I hope you can find them at your local Michael's too.  I just bought them yesterday so it's possible!

What are your go to favorite things?

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  1. Umm....I am jealous that you found those bins for such a steal & they are sooooo your style too!


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