Monday, January 30, 2012

. . . Couch Cushion Redo . . .

We have a couch that used to be extremely comfortable when we first got it a couple years ago; however, lately the cushions have been drooping and it's not as comfortable.  My husband has been obsessed about these droopy cushions (on the couch he picked out even though I didn't want to have removable cushions--just saying) so I was brainstorming ways to fluff them up without spending a fortune on fiberfill.  I hate to toot my own horn but "beep, beep" because this worked out really well!!

Do your couch cushions look like this?  
Sagging and losing their form

Because you have kids that do this to your cushions...
(no matter how many times you tell them to stop doing it)

If you do you will love this quick and inexpensive fix...for larger cushions use a King Size Pillow and stuff the cushion with that to regain it's form.  For smaller couch cushions use a standard or queen size pillow form.  This will only work if you have removable cushions with a zipper so you can insert the pillow form.

 Sagging cushions that have lost their shape

 Use a pillow form and unzip the cushion leaving the fluff that is already in the cushion then add the pillow form and fluff it up to your liking.

 Fluff the cushion up to your liking and you have a nice full couch cushion that is super comfy

 So much better now!!

Perfect and even more comfortable!!  Hopefully my son will FINALLY listen to me when I tell him the furniture isn't meant to be used as a trampoline.

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  1. Lindy, I think we have the same couch....with the same annoying back cushions. Thanks for this. My kids love to lay on the back of the couch/cushions. It drives us crazy. I can't wait to try this quick fix. Maybe tonight! THANKS!

  2. Oh I have this same problem. Our dog lays on them and they are all smashed. I am going to try this today.

  3. This is such a great post - I need to do SOMETHING with our couch cushions...thanks to the pups. :)

    A few blog friends and I are hosting our first link party tomorrow to finish off the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, we go live at 7amET. Today I revealed my project for the challenge, a gallery wall with only one screw in the wall. I'd love if you could come by to check it out and link up!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog = your newest follower

  4. Genius..I have a chubby doxie who thinks she's a cat and sits on the back of all our cushions. I definately need to fix some droopy damage. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Well, how clever! My boys are always doing the same thing. I'll probably need to be re-stuffing soon. :)

  6. Oh my I have to try this. My couch cushions are just like your before but worse, they are connected to the back of the couch.

    I've tried extra stuffing but it left them very lumpy. I think pillows in the front and maybe extra stuffing in the back if I need it.

  7. Using pillow forms will be much more efficient than adding stuffing. Great idea!

  8. This way looks way more efficient than trying to add stuffing. Now I need to catch pillows on sale!

  9. Hey great tip, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing it with Six Sister's Stuff Link Party. We hope to see you back next Saturday!
    -The Sisters


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