Thursday, November 3, 2011

. . . Fall Leaves Topiary . . .

When my mom showed up with tons of fall leaf garlands from the craft store I was not necessarily very excited about what I was going to do with all of these leaves.  She had gotten them for 70% off and she figured I could come up with a unique craft.  Well, here was my take on something unique...a couple of styrofoam cones and pearl pins and I got a couple of great fall leaves topiaries.  These turned out so pretty in person but I am not convinced that they photographed as well so please take my word for it.

A funny tidbit to eight year old son was watching me make these and he said "Mom, you seriously have a crafting problem!"  That made me chuckle because he is so's an addiction!

You will need 
Fall Leaves (these were artificial leaves)
Styrofoam cones
Pearl Pins

• • •

 • Gather your supplies
• Start pinning the leaves into the styrofoam--there was no pattern here it was just to make it look good
 • Continue covering the entire cone with leaves.  I found that I liked my smaller one better because it was wider at the bottom.  I think that happened because I stuffed so many extra leaves at the bottom

 Pretty fall colors!

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