Saturday, November 5, 2011

. . . Dollar Store Apothecary Jars Redo . . .

I swear the best few dollars ever spent was on these amazing Dollar Store Apothecary Jars!  I have used them over and over again and they always look brand new which is great for someone like me that is always wanting my decor to change.  

This time I wanted something that could work for both fall and then Christmas so I went to the craft store and grabbed some vase fillers in red.  I added my toilet paper roll filler and then some tea lights and filled up the jar with the vase filler.  I added some brown and red baker's twine from The Twinery and I have something for fall that will easily transition to fit in with my Christmas decor when I change the twine to black and white or add some black and white ribbon.  I do quite a bit of decorating for the holidays with black, red and green so these will be perfect. 

****WARNING-if you use the styrofoam bead vase filler like I did you need to make sure you are only using the candles as a decoration--the beads would easily catch fire.  Luckily I didn't learn this from experience but all the warnings on the packaging.****
(Ok, I just had a total "duh" moment when a reader was nice enough to point out that I could use battery operated tea lights which I have a cabinet full--how silly of me but I sure appreciate the recommendation!)

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 • Gather your supplies:
Apothecary Jars
Vase Filler
TP Rolls stuffed with tissue paper
Tea Lights
• Add your stuffed tp rolls to the vases and add filler 
• Place a tea light in the top of the tp roll and then fill the vase to the top with filler
• Add the twine around the vase and you are set to go.  I used 2 yards of twine per vase.


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  1. Kelsey, you could use those little battery powered tea lights, and not worry about the styrofoam going up in

  2. Aw, don't feel silly. Good you pointed it out b/c I bet there are many who might not realize they couldn't use a candle with those beads, even if it's in a separate interior jar. They look great! (Stopped by from Serenity Now's link party.)

  3. I just love this! I think I'll have to run to the store so I can do it this weekend! :)

  4. These are so cute! I have some similar "dollar store apothecary jars" and now I'm inspired to decorate for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Girl! This is awesome!! And budget friendly! Let's get together soon and craft together!

  6. So SO cute! I love the bakers twine around the jars. I just bought some of that the other day! I will have to try this:) I just started my new link party Friday Frolic and would love you to link up:)

  7. what dollar store did you find the apothacary jars at? Dollar Tree in Phx AZ doesn't carry something as cool as that


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