Friday, July 22, 2011

. . . Beach Trip . . .

I love my Business, my Facebook Followers, my Blog Followers and of course my Customer's but everyone needs a great vacation now and again.  The next couple weeks I am going to be chilling at Ocean Isle Beach, NC so my posting will be limited.  I'm working while I'm there but I probably won't post as much as I normally do and wanted you all to know I still love you and my blog but I'm taking a little time out for family and relaxing. 

On another note...if you haven't been to Ocean Isle Beach it is a fantastic place to go!  We go several times a year but always do a couple weeks in the summer with my family and it's such a nice break!  The beach is a perfect spot to vacay because it's affordable, nearby Myrtle Beach, SC, family oriented, quiet and absolutely beautiful!

The next couple weeks I will hopefully be doing a lot of this:
Laying out in the sun, Drinking lots of Sunset Slush and hanging with my family!
 Bottom LEFT photo: Al from Sunset Slush serving the best ever Italian Ice!
Bottom RIGHT photo: Me, my Son and my beautiful Sister, Claudia


  1. Hi, Lindy. Have a great vacation. We've been to Ocean Isle, and it is a wonderful getaway. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy your vacay! You totally deserve it. I have never heard of Ocean Isle but it sounds and looks fantastic. Have fun!


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