Friday, June 17, 2011

. . . Old Fashioned Strawberry Pie . . .

Well, today is Day Five of Spectacular Strawberry Recipes and it's a GREAT one!  This recipe is from my grandmother and it's hard to beat.  This pie is delicious!  I used to love when my mom made it in the summer and we'd have it with big dollops of whipped cream on top.  Yum! 

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• Gather ingredients to make your homemade pie crust
**You could use store bought but it's so yummy with homemade
• Dump everything into a large bowl
• Mix together 
• The dough will start to form a ball
 •  The dough should look like this when you use your hands to make the ball
• I use a pastry towel and a "sock" for my rolling pin to roll out the dough
• Roll dough out 
• Place in a pie plate and crimp edges--reserve extra dough.  Bake and then let cool

• Gather ingredients to make the pie filling
• Slice 1/2 Quart of berries and smash them
• Add sugar and cornstarch to saucepan
• Add chunk of butter
• Bring cornstarch mixture to a boil and thick
• Add smashed berries
• Continue to cook until thick
• This is thickened like you want it

• After pie crust has cooled spread softened cream cheese and 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk over bottom of crust
• You want to cover the entire crust
• Add reserved 1/2 quart berries point side up
• Add thickened berries over top of that and spread out well.
**Chill until completely cold and serve with whipped cream

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  1. Looks delish! You are cooking a queen by the way. You hubby and son are lucky to be able to nibble on all these yummy dishes:)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I really have to change the name of my blog.haha I love being in the kitchen--my second favorite past time besides being at my computer.

  3. Addicted to strawberries! Bookmarking this one to make later!


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