Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ugly Shoes?

I found these shoes the other day at Target and walked right by them at first but then decided I'd stick them on because I liked the bright pink.  They are like Crocs and they were so comfortable I bought a pair.  I put them on today and love how comfy they are!  I just am not sure if they are "Ugly Shoes" or not so I thought I'd ask all of you.  I think I would like to have the bright yellow ones too and maybe even the black-these might just work great to walk the dog, take my son to school etc.  My son said "Mom, those aren't ugly they are cute", but he's an 8 year old little boy so what does he really know?  Let me know what you think...

Ugly or Cute?


  1. I'm personally not a fan, but I am sure you could probably find a way to dress them up a bit :)

  2. Ok, that seriously made me laugh out loud! I love that--so ugly they are cute :)

  3. Lindy, thanks SO much for your sweet comment! I can't wait to explore your blog, it's so pretty! I think those shoes would come in handy for errands for sure!

  4. thanks for the comment. now following! (:

    about the shoes...i'm not sure i LOVE them but i don't HATE them lol. they remind me of crocs??

    have a great week! (:

  5. Knowing you and your sense of style you will make them cute!

  6. Sometimes shoes aren't meant to be completely cute! I wear my crocs not because they're cute but because they are super functional!

    That said the pink color makes them very cute! I think the yellow would be adorable too! Go for it! :)

  7. Thanks ladies! I figure no matter what you will see me sporting these "Ugly" shoes around town so feel free to laugh at me when you see me in them. I like comfort :)

  8. They are seriously cute:) I have an 8 year old son Jack. I'm always asking what he think of things I make, they are so honest in their replies ! I know what you mean i brought crocs some years ago and all they had in my size was read I wasn't sure I brought them and wore them for 6 months travelling around australia , most comfortable shoes I have ever worn I felt like Dorothy from the wizard of OZ. They would look even funkier with home made colourful shoe laces on a blog I came across recently they made their own shoe laces from scraps of fabric. I have 2 pairs of black crocs that I live in for the last 4 years they are great because I just wash them when I have a shower, I wear them in winter with socks & summer without, great with jeans in winter. I've rambled on enought ! cute :):)
    Sherrie from simple living :)


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