Thursday, February 10, 2011

Delicious Sweet Iced Tea (made with Splenda)

I have always liked my tea sweetened but not syrupy so I make mine with Splenda.  I have so many people ask me how I make it once they have had it and I thought I'd share because it is so easy.  It is rare to not have a gallon of iced tea chilling in my fridge--we all love it. You can adjust the amount of splenda or sugar you use in it to your liking.

To Make 1 Gallon of Sweet Tea
You Need:
4 Family Sized tea bags or 8 regular tea bags (I use decaf) 
**I think Luzianne or Red Rose is the only way to go.
1 Heaping Cup of Granulated Splenda or Sugar
Saucepan or Microwave safe bowl
1 Gallon Pitcher
4 Family Sized Tea Bags and Splenda 
Put 4 Tea Bags and 1 Cup of Splenda in saucepan and add water. 
Bring tea, water and Splenda to a slow boil.
Don't over boil or your tea bags will split open. 
Pour your tea into a 1 Gallon Pitcher.  Once you have done that continue to fill the pan with water and "squish" the tea bags to get as much flavor as you can when you are filling your pitcher.
Fill to the 1 Gallon Mark
Pour over a tall glass of ice and Enjoy!

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