Friday, December 24, 2010

Computer Back Up

If there is one thing I have learned in the last year it is to ALWAYS back up your computer.  In this year alone my computer has been infected with a virus so badly that it had to be wiped clean and start again and then about a month ago my mother board fried so I had to rush to get a new computer.  It was such a relief that I had my files back up on an external harddrive. 

I keep an external harddrive connected at all times and do a back up every day after I lost so much info once before when I was not running a business from my computer.  Just yesterday my external quit working so I was in a panic to get another one.  Instead I ended up getting a SanDisk USB Flash Drive 16GB.  I wanted to share the great deal because it is so important to get your files and photos backed up...even if you aren't running a business.  Just think how devastating it would be to lose everything that you have on your computer.  Take it from me it is awful to lose every photo and every file.

This is the Flash Drive I purchased at Costco and got a great deal on it!
It was $39.00 originally but right now they are doing a $10.00 instant rebate so it is a 16GB for $29.00.  I was looking at another retailer and their 8GB was $35.00 so this is an awesome deal.

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