Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Older

Recently my sister turned 30 so I did this little sucker bouquet as a fun gift for her. 
I am only a couple years older than she is but it got me thinking about all the things that make you realize you are aging.  I don't think of myself as old at all but there are occasions when I realize that I'm not as young as I used to be!  I think we all can relate to this list of "You know you are getting older when"...

•You hear one of your favorite songs but it's playing on an elevator!
•You child asks if they had color tv when you were a kid
•You keep more food in your fridge than alcohol
•You now watch the weather forcast daily
•You can't drink cheap wine anymore
•You have to carry Tums with you at all times
•Forget spicy foods because you know you are going to be up all night
•Your joints now creak when you get out of bed or get up after sitting for a long time
•When you need help on your second graders homework assignment
Oh how the list could go on and on!

What are some of the ways you know you are getting older?  I'd love to know I'm not alone :-)


  1. The sucker craft is adorable.. definitely will keep that in mind. You could also make one for someone with cancer or something, "cancer sucks" or something along those lines. Very creative and cute.

  2. What a great idea! You always want to do something in that situatation but never know what is a good gift. Perfect!
    I also said I was going to do one that said "Marriage Sucks" if anyone I know announces a divorce....let's hope that doesn't happen but you never know.

  3. You know you are getting older when you start wondering if you have enough years ahead of you to get every thing off the "bucket list".


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