Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colored Envelopes

I am frequently asked "Do you offer colored envelopes with your cards?"
Of course my answer is always the same....No.  It's not that I don't love colored envelopes and they can add alot to a card but I really L♥VE using many different colors in my card designs. 

If I started to offer colored envelopes I would have to change my designs to accomodate the envelope colors I had in stock.  If you search stationery/invitation websites you will see many designers using the same brand of envelopes and they stock several of the different colors so all of their designs have to coordinate.  There is nothing wrong with that and these designers offer absolutely BEAUTIFUL cards that accompany their envelopes but it's just not the direction I wanted to go.  There is something out there for everyone and I wanted to bring a different look to the table.

I want to offer colorful designs without being limited so that is why I have chosen to print on white stock and use a white envelope and then print directly on the envelope so it matches the card and really makes a white envelope POP.   I don't want to be locked in to only certain colors because of my envelope selection and until I can afford to stock every color offered from the vendor I like then I am safer to stick with printing colorful designs on the white envelopes--as you can see below on two examples.

This does not mean in the future I won't be offering some colored envelopes as I am all for it but I have to grow my business a bit more to be able to stock all the colors I would want in my collection.

Please feel free to leave your comments to let me know if this works for you.
  It is always refreshing to know what my customers want.

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